Related table does not update field "select_one"

03-22-2022 04:17 PM
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Contextualizing: I have a layer that must have its attributes updated according to 3 other related tables. For this, I built a form using Survey123 Connect that only allows editing related records and is used on the web.


The problem: One of the related tables where only editing of records is allowed, without adding or deleting records, has a single-choice field (select_one) that has 3 options (-1:Adversário, 0:Neutro and 1:Aliado). Two of these options (-1 and 0) are updated correctly, but the last option (1) is not updated in the related table even though all other calculations and fields are updated correctly.


Debug: While trying to test to identify and correct the problem, I noticed that when the value (1) is selected, Survey123 Web does not recognize that there has been a change in the values of the related table and, consequently, does not update its values.

Request when value (1) is selected, when the field is NOT updated:


edits: [{"id":0,"updates":[{"attributes":{"Votos_Balanco":1,"Votos_Aliados":11822,"Votos_Neutros":0,"Votos_Adversarios":7113,"Votos_ABN":3932,"Votos_ABN_p":17,"globalid":"92e20e3c-796c-43fc-88be-9e135a51003f","objectid":262}}]}]

Request when value (-1) is selected, when the field IS updated:


edits: [{"id":0,"updates":[{"attributes":{"Votos_Balanco":1,"Votos_Aliados":9173,"Votos_Neutros":2649,"Votos_Adversarios":7113,"Votos_ABN":3932,"Votos_ABN_p":17,"globalid":"92e20e3c-796c-43fc-88be-9e135a51003f","objectid":262}}]},{"id":3,"updates":[{"attributes":{"Cand_Aliado":0,"globalid":"33e9fe05-4960-4b42-9809-85c8a6371812","objectid":1658}}]}]

Request when value (0) is selected, when the field IS updated:


edits: [{"id":0,"updates":[{"attributes":{"Votos_Balanco":0,"Votos_Aliados":9173,"Votos_Neutros":0,"Votos_Adversarios":9762,"Votos_ABN":3932,"Votos_ABN_p":17,"globalid":"92e20e3c-796c-43fc-88be-9e135a51003f","objectid":262}}]},{"id":3,"updates":[{"attributes":{"Cand_Aliado":-1,"globalid":"33e9fe05-4960-4b42-9809-85c8a6371812","objectid":1658}}]}]

I leave the spreadsheet attached.

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This problem was identified as a BUG by the Brazilian Esri Support (Imagem Distributor).

BUG-000146957-Edits made to existing records in Survey123 are not retained for select one questions within a repeat when the response is the same as a prior question within the repeat.

The solution the I encounter was disable edits on the relational table "tbEleicoes" on the Survey123 form and used the Experience Builder app combined with Field Maps form to workaround this bug.


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