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04-07-2022 11:21 AM
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I"m new to power automate, I have created 3 flows,  to send an email when a form is submitted.  One flow works when tested, but when form is submitted from the field, nothing?  Survey123 version 3.13.  When creating the flow, I have selected the correct form, in the body of the email I selected feature attributes selections, First, last name, and property address.  When I receive the email it has the header of the email and nothing else?    I used the templates avail,  survey123 - Microsoft365 outlook. 


my email sent; 


Not sure what I'm doing wrong.


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Try refreshing the version of the survey on the device used in the field. Even if there aren't any "Updates Available" icons, when a new webhook is created you have to refresh the survey for it to work. 


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I refreshed the ipads that are used in the field to submit each survey, still nothing? 

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