Register Polygon from an existing layer with dates

03-29-2023 03:33 PM
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Hello everyone, I need your help:
Hello everyone, I need your help: I ​​have a survey in Survey Connect in which I want to
 keep a daily record of regions activated by natural disasters, but I don't want to draw the polygon every time I do the record, but rather preload it from an existing polygon in an ArcGis layer so that my final map and dashboard have a history by dates of the regions that were activated over time.
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Hello @Steven_GIS

This can be done using a pulldata("@layer") calculation. Please check out the Query a Feature Layer sample in Connect, it demonstrates populating a geoshape question based on geometry from a feature service. I've also attached a paired down version of the sample that just shows populating the geoshape question. 

Thank you,
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