Refer to the option of a question selected in a previous or subsequent repetition response within a repeatition section

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04-19-2023 05:37 AM
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Hello, I hope you can help me.

I'm designing a survey123 form to register the route of a student transportation service, and I have a repeating section to record each stop made because it's not possible for me to record the entire route.

In a CSV file, I have the distance between each stop indicating the origin, destination, and direction. Therefore, in each repetition response, I only ask for the name of the stop.

My problem arises because to call the distance, I need to build the attribute of direction-origin-destination within the repetition. How can I call the route indicated in a previous repetition response?

I'm attaching an illustrative example.

Artboard 11@3x.png

I need to refer to the response of a previous or subsequent repetition. Additionally, in the case of "To school," indicate that if there is no other repetition, it should be assumed that the destination is the school. The idea is not to ask the same question again and reuse the responses.

Thank you very much!

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Hi @RaynerCastro - try working with the indexed-repeat. Here's a post with some attached examples:

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