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09-29-2023 07:38 AM
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I'm attempting to utilize an entry in a repeat loop.  The entry is an alpha-numeric text that associates the name of the entry to a range of fields.  A series of questions are nested in a repeat loop and utilizes several select_one's and select_multiple, all of these parameters should correspond to one single repeat entry.  

I want to use this data and select the entry name as a reference for calling corresponding data, ideally in a drop box, like select_multiple.

In short:  Assign a select_multiple with answers from a repeat loop in current survey.


Can anyone shed some light on how this can be accomplished?

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Potentially. While convoluted, by using a series of choice_filter to build out your list, this could be achieved. Really depends on your set-up.

Here is a good resource:

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We had someone here try this.  It ended up being super slow but it was a huge list with lots of parts.  

He was using regex which I am still not sure why it works but it did.

Have a field outside the repeat the first repeat that tracks the choices using join(",",${AddPlants})

Then in the list you use regex in the choice filter  regex(${SpeciesListJoin}, name)

So basically making a big choice filter list.

Hope that makes some sense.

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