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Recording Multiple Geospatial Inputs?

03-26-2024 03:03 PM
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I set up a survey with two geospatial questions asking users to place a point to identify 1) where they access a trail and 2) where they think there is need for improvement along the trail. Users could fill out one, neither, or both of these questions.

Looking at the results, only one point was recorded. Even if users chose to answer both questions and place two points, one for each question, only one point appeared in the results. The points placed on the second question seem to have been totally disregarded.

Is this expected behavior? Should a survey only ask one question maximum with a geospatial component?

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A ArcGIS Feature layer can have only one point per record. This is core to ArcGIS Online and not a Survey123 limitation.  Makes sense since how could one record have 2 points?  Arc stores the geometry in the record as a x/y pair so it can only hold one.

You have 2 options, the second point can store just a x and y.

You add a repeat in the form and add a geopoint question to that.  This creates a child feature class that is related to the parent.  This allows you to create 2 records one for each.  That way you can display both.

I guess a 3rd option is to have them fill out 2 forms. Which makes some logical sense in your case since they can fill out one form when they start and send, then fill out a second form when they leave.  Have a question on the form telling you which is which.

More write up is here 

Hope that helps

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