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"Creating form item" during publishing with Survey123 Connect to AGOL hangs

09-09-2017 06:22 PM
New Contributor

I have created a form in Survey123 Connect and I'm trying to publish it to AGOL, but the publishing stalls while displaying "Creating form item." The form has groups and a repeat.  This form is to help support a fire incident in the PNW, you assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Dorothy,

To be able to diagnose further, it would be helpful to have more information.  Can you provide the xls file you are trying to publish?  Also, according to ArcGIS Online Health Dashboard , we experienced issues with on of the hosted feature service instances earlier today- can you look at a hosted feature layer in your account and see if you're using (the affected instance)?

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With a little more searching, I found a post that helped. When I published yesterday, it hung for hours, so I had to cancel the process. It actually published the feature service, but not the form.  When I attempted to publish again, I got a different error "folder title not available".  I found a post for that error, and followed the instructions listed below, I was then able to post the survey.  YAHOO!

Help with code: 400 Publishing Error - "folder title not available"

 try the following:

1.In, login and go to 'My Contents'

2.Look for the 'Survey-Daily_Vehicle_Checkout' folder and delete it

3.In Connect, select the Survey Daily Vehicle Checkout so you can preview it

4.Click on the yellow button (looks like a folder) to open your Survey's directory in a File Explorer

5.Next delete the Daily_Vehicle_Checkout.iteminfo file

6.Back in Connect, try Publishing again

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