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Question about updating choices on a survey that populates a hosted table that uses domains

06-08-2022 12:41 PM
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About 6 months ago I published a feature layer with 2 related tables. For one of the related tables, I ended up creating a survey to populate the table. When I originally published the feature layer and related tables I created domains where appropriate. I have since modified the choice list in survey123 but I did not think to change the domain for that field in the table. I need to modify the same choice list again and before doing so I decided to check the choice list on AGOL, where I realized I hadn't modified the domain since publishing the data. We haven't had any issues but I am wondering if I should modify the domain for the field in the related table in Pro (since modifying the choice list for that table is unavailable in AGOL). Or what the standard procedures should be in this situation...

Just trying to better understand how this all works and learn best practices!



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Hello @BrandonBoisvert

If your feature service is hosted in ArcGIS Online it should be possible to edit the domain for a related table. But editing it in Pro should be fine as well as long as the code of the domain matches the name of the choice in Survey123 everything should line up. 

Thank you,
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Hi Zachary,

I think the reason I am unable to change the domain of the feature service is because I have view layers of the service as well. But what I am trying to wrap my head around is how the survey domain/choice list can be altered successfully even with the hosted feature service's domain remaining un-changed...this may be a more technical question and seems to not be causing me any problems so maybe it's really not an issue. I am just hesitant to delete the view layers just so I can modify the domain which doesn't appear to be causing any problems at this time but I cant help but feel like I should... 

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