Query about "Repeats" in Survey123 for ArcGIS

10-30-2019 04:38 AM
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Hello all,

I am trying to design a survey data sheet to record observation of animal sightings in a forest. It is a line transect survey. I am attaching a snapshot of my datasheet. I want to record the data in the header only once at the start and then the repeating information (as mentioned in the table/grid). I am trying to use repeats for this.

I don't know how to associate the header information with the information collected in the repeat mode. Or does data collected in "repeat" mode automatically get associated with the preceding information.

I hope I was able to explain. 



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Data collected in a repeat automatically gets associated with the preceeding information outside of the repeat.

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123 builds in a parentglobalid field to all repeat records then creates a relationship class from child to parent using this field.

I do not love this since during some exports and imports the globalids can change - breaking everything.

So what I do is have my own key in the main form then inherit it in the repeat with a hidden field.  (Just calc the key inside the repeat).  Then I create my own relationship class between the two using My key. 

Only issue so far with this is some of my keys are based on user input.  For example user picks line 1, 2, or 3 and then my key is Key_1, Key_2, Key_3.  But for now required is not checked until the end of the form instead of for each page.  This means if the user skips the Line question all my repeat records are just _[Blank].  The 123 team has page validation on the list and I really hope it is soon.  It is our number 1 QA issue and happens a lot.  I cannot hide the rest of the form since then I get memory issues hiding so much.

Hope that helps.

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