Query a Feature Layer

12-11-2022 05:39 PM
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#1. I created a survey where it collects user information (name) and the user inserts their address in order to create a permit ID. The permit ID is generated automatically once the user hits submit.

That all works fine.

#2. The 2nd step is to query the user name from the feature layer above and this survey to pull the permit ID and other information inserted in the 1st survey above. The intent is to confirm how many times the user is using the permit.

I read that querying a feature layer without it being a spatial query by using "GetRecord" and "GetValue"

When trying this, I dont receive an error but the fields that should be pulled from the function are simply blank (i.e. there is no error).

I dont see what the issue is and did not come across a good example on this.

Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Hello @RhealForgette

Please check out the Query a Feature Layer sample in Survey123 Connect for more information on the pulldata('@layer') syntax: 


Please feel free to reach out to Esri Technical Support for assistance in configuring the pulldata('@layer') syntax. 

Thank you,
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