Putting the same geoshape into repeats

12-09-2022 01:35 PM
New Contributor

I am creating a survey where the user makes a polygon shape in the field and then adds species they see inside the polygon. I have to use a repeat in order to write in their observed species and the percentage of cover this species takes within the polygon. I cannot predict the names nor number of species that the user might see, so I can't just make a multiple choice list and have people note presence and absence

However, using the repeat function creates a table in Survey123. However, I need the attributes to be part of the feature layer. Therefore, I believe the solution will be to put a geoshape question into the repeat. 

I do need to reference the same polygon each time, but I cannot figure out how to get Survey123 to recognize the first polygon drawn, and copy it for each repeat.

Please let me know if you can help me with the last statement in particular, or if you have any other ideas for how I can get these key attributes (species and percentage) to show up in the feature layer instead of as a related table.

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