Edit mode is not possible because the record specified by the globalId parameter cannot be accessed.

03-17-2023 06:12 PM
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Can help me for used Report and experience builder


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Hi @MarceloCatalão 

Thanks for getting in touch

It is difficult to confirm the exact reason why this error is appearing as there are multiple reasons why Survey123 is not able to access a particular record specified by a GlobalID.

In the first instance I would direct you to the following technical article:

If this fails to resolve your issue and you have confirmed the GlobalID is correct then I recommend you reach out to Technical Support.

Hope this helps

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@Richard_Purkis is it possible to edit this error message as requested here?


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Hi @ahargreaves_FW 

Unfortunately it is not possible to edit error messages in Survey123 in principle. Ways to possibly help would be to have validation  / required  enabled on the questions so you can try to force your users down one life cycle of the form.

Hope that helps

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