Pulldata not auto populating @json results

06-20-2022 07:30 AM
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I am creating a follow-up survey for our program and when viewing our data in the Survey123 dashboard it will be helpful to have the county of our program participants.

I have used the string(pulldata("@json",${address})) calculation to populate the extractable features from the geocode source. The properties I would like to extract are "Subregion" (in our case will be used to represent county since the @json does not populate the county) and "City".

When I update the Survey I do not get any error messages, the fields of Subregion and City that I want to auto populate do not auto populate they are left blank. The calculation I am using to auto populate is below:

I have tried many different variants of the calculation and am still unable to get the field to auto populate.

I have attached photos of the rows in my sheet I am having trouble with as well as the json pulldata results.


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Hi. Add attributes. as a prefix and life will be good!




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@IsmaelChivite Thank you!! This worked perfectly! 

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