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Pulldata in relevant field

02-14-2022 06:03 AM
by Anonymous User
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The Pulldata not working on the web form, on the relevant field? I made a form and Pulldata only works in the Survey123 APP
There are 102 questions that will only be relevant if the expression pulldata return TRUE
This is the expression: pulldata('pergunta','av1','categoria',${categoria_manejo})='TRUE'

  • FormLogicError: instance "pergunta" does not exist in model


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Esri Notable Contributor

At first sight, it looks like you may have a typo in pergunta. Should not this be pregunta?

Hard to say without looking at the XLSForm. Here is a shot in the dark. May be this does it:

  1. Add a new question:
    1. Type calculate
    2. Calculation: pulldata('pergunta','av1','categoria',${categoria_manejo})
    3. bind::esri:fieldType: null
  2. In your relevant statement: use ${question1above}='TRUE'
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by Anonymous User
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Hi @IsmaelChivite 

This is the form. It works normally in Survey123 field app but not in web form
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