Pull Data From Previous Survey

03-30-2021 10:26 AM
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I am building a survey in Survey123 Connect. The "client" would like data some data to auto-populate from the previous survey. 


Surveyor is out doing dozens of surveys that day - certain qualitative data will not change quickly -like weather. So when they submit the survey successfully and select Submit Another Survey, they are hoping it will auto-populate some of the data from the previous survey, with the option of being able to edit it if it does change. Is this possible?

Currently working in Survey123 Connect. After publishing it will most likely be embedded into Experience Builder or WebApp Builder. 


Thanks for you for the help!


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Have you read about Favorite answers?  This might be a good solution for you.  The client can save their "Favorite" answers and prepopulate a form with them. 


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You can also copy a survey that has already been submitted.  This will effectively create a new survey with answers from an old survey.  This requires enabling the outbox.  Check out this blog:


Note the section titled:"Copying (Cloning) Existing Records".  This is available in both the web form and the field app however the syntax is slightly different.