Publishing Feature Service from SDE Dataset for Survey123

08-16-2023 10:14 AM
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Hello! Thank you in advance for your help!

(ArcGIS Pro Version 3.1.2, Survey123 Connect Version 3.18.123)

When I started creating surveys that would write to a feature service and related tables I was told that the feature service could not be stored in a SDE dataset. That S123 wouldn't be able to write to it.

It is now a few years and 20+ surveys later and I am trying to find out if S123 is now compatible with data is in a dataset from a data store from an SDE. Our SDE is feeling unorganized.

You can see below how most of our data are stored in a few different datasets, with the exception of the survey data highlighted by the bracket in the photo below. 



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I have the same question : Is it possible to use Survey123 to directly write to a dataset in a SDE database using a referenced Feature Service that has been published on Portal for ArcGIS?

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