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08-14-2020 06:16 AM
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I added a few basic questions to the Small Business Impact Survey that comes from the Coronavirus Small Business Recovery solution and I am getting an error that it is unable to add feature service layer definition with the details "Not supported. Columns cannot be added to view services". I was adding one select_one yesno field and two text fields and replicated many of the settings on previous questions.

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Hello Russell Grant‌, 

Thank you for passing along the XLSForm. I had tested on my end and was unable to reproduce the same behavior. 

In the XLSForm in the Settings tab, is there a URL under the submission_url? If so can you copy the item ID for the item being referenced and paste it in the search bar for ArcGIS Online or Enterprise whichever you are using? Is the resulting service returned for that item ID a hosted feature layer view? 

Another way to check what layer the survey is referencing is on the Item Details page for the Form Item on the left hand side there is a "Layers" section. If you click on the link to the layer from the Form's Item Details page does that bring you to a hosted feature layer view? 

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