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12-04-2022 03:58 AM
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Which layer does one choose to start a workflow for making survey123 results publicly accessible in an app such as Attachment Viewer, or in a Dashboard or Story Map? I'm looking for confirmation, having played around with two layers. If I understand, and I may not, the fieldworker layer is the working layer, the workhorse so to speak, upon which the survey is built, the one not to use in a workflow to push out a public app. The stakeholder layer is the layer to use- but, I'm seeking confirmation. If I use the 3rd choice, image below, a hosted feature layer that is neither fieldworker nor stakeholder, I run into the warning, that I have to go back to Settings to tick "Public Data Collection, Approve this layer to be shared with the public when editing is enabled." But, it comes with the warning that this is not preferred (my interpretation), i.e., it's suggested that one disables editing or transform the layer to view only. This only adds to my confusion. 

If I simply use the stakeholder feature layer, I can quickly push out an app, i.e., 

I can access it via an incognito window, so I know it's now publicly accessible. Presumably, this means I can use the map for Dashboard, too. 

So, I guess this lengthy explanation leads to the simple question, "Is stakeholder always the feature layer to use in a workflow in which the goal is public sharing via Dashboard and Story Map?"

And a follow up question is, "Must one be the owner of the survey to use a stakeholder layer in the org for this same workflow?" I believe the answer is yes, for I've tried (as an AGO admin) to access a student survey to push out this workflow...

...thank you so much for your kind attention to this entry level question. 🙂


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