Programmatically setting the default map location for a Geoshape question

09-12-2023 07:55 AM
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   I'd like to set a default location for *each* of our properties to speed data entry of capturing geoshapes when the user is working remotely from the property. 

   I've been using this article to get started on my task: Their approach is to calculate a geoshape for use by the geoshape question. This actually creates an initial geoshape, which can then be replaced with one drawn by the user.

   I'm interested in only positioning the location at the site in question and not actually preemptively drawing a geoshape for the user. 

   Just to be clear, I'll be pulling the coordinates for each property from a pulldata function, so I can't just hardcode a default location in the survey question.



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This has been asked multiple times and never replied to or solved. We need a way to dynamically set the map extent using information from another response.

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