Problem with Device ID

04-14-2021 11:53 AM
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We have multiple Zebra L10 XSlate tablets deployed to run Survey123 forms. Two of the tablets have the same issue with Device ID; where it appears that the device ID displayed in Survey123 does not match the underlying device ID of the unit. The surveys that are throwing this error are set up to query the inbox based on the device ID. I get the error "Cannot perform query. Invalid query parameters. Code 400", when I try to load the inbox records for the surveys, but I am certain that the inbox query settings are correct to the device ID displayed by 123.

To add to the frustration: One of the tablets went through a windows update and started displaying a new device ID code in 123. When we updated the inbox query to reflect the new device ID, it displayed the code 400 error. When we changed the inbox query back to the original (pre-update) device ID, no error and the surveys work fine. So now we have surveys that display the current device ID and an inbox query set to the old device ID.

And even more frustrating: A second tablet just went through a windows update, but is displaying the same device ID in 123 as it previously did. However, the inbox query no longer works are we get the Code 400 error. We tried uninstalling/reinstalling 123 to get a new device ID, but no luck and totally frustrated and at a loss as to what is causing this.

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