Prevent deletion of 1st repeat

04-15-2020 04:29 AM
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I"m wondering if it's possible to prevent users from deleting specific records in a repeat.

I'm creating a survey where the 1st (and potentially 2nd) record in a repeat in the form is required for the input of the survey to be "valid', because it contains necessary and specific information.

Can the Recycle Bin icon inside a repeat be conditionally hidden in some way?

Thanks in advance


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The repeat count can set it to a specific number and the delete button will go away.  It can be a formula.  Note you can also not do less than the count.  So it may or may not work for you.

Hope it helps

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Hello Doug

Thank you for your answer. That indeed would solve the problem.

I decided in the end to take out the 1st and 2nd record in the repeat and asked for the values in the main part of the form, as required fields. This means more fields in the header of my survey to be filled in by the user. But that also kept the configuration of my repeats a lot simpler.

Thanks again for the suggestion!



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