Power Automate (Flow): domain descriptions and email to

01-24-2020 05:08 PM
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Just getting started with this and seems very promising.

Two questions:

1. Can domain descriptions be exposed when using the "Post message" action? I'm currently just testing by sending to MS Teams but the results only shows the code values for fields with domains not the descriptions (see result below).

2. When posting a message to an email, is it possible for the "EmailTo" to be sent to an email address specified in a field in the survey form? It seems like I can drop this field in here, so it should in theory be succesful but our org does not yet have the email exchange set up, so I can't confirm. (see pic below).

message showing domain codes but not description

email to using email collected in Survey123 record

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Hi Treg,

1. Domain descriptions are not sent as part of the webhook payload.  You could have a calculate question that uses the jr:choice-name() function to include the question's label. Another method would be to create a variable within the flow that stores the code:description lookup and then is used to provide the correct value later.

2. Yes, if the destination e-mail was entered in the form, it can be used in the 'To:' field during e-mail composition.

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Thanks James,

I'm glad the email field will work when we get exchange online enabled.

For the domain code-to-description issue: It certainly seems far easier to do this in Survey123 and I have done this once before (using pulldata rather than your jr:choice-name() function, which I'd like to try out soon) but then you are just creating new fields to store the string of a coded value domain, which seems like you are defeating the purpose of using coded value domains in the first place. I've tried to follow your suggestion of creating a variable in Flow but I'm still stumpedeven after going through several Microsoft-Flow posts on this subject.

Below is what I have tried to come up with (which isn''t working) but I just can't seem to make the jump to creating a array variable (there is no dictionary variable) in Flow and then use that in an expression to tell the message post to show either "Yes" or "No" (instead of code 10 or 20) from a field in Survey123 called "IsSGCN"...Do you, Ismael or anyone else have a clear example of mimicking these coded values in Flow so that the domain descriptions show in the posted message? I know this is more of a MS Flow issue than Survey123 but any help would be appreciated!


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Has anyone been able to use this method with a variable for the select_multiple values? I am getting the code in the email but not the labels and saw this idea of using a variable. 

Thank you.