Power Automate - cannot update attributes based on Intesect relationship

03-08-2021 10:41 PM
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Hello all, 

I am trying to use Power Automate to make pulldata Javascript function work for offline collection by setting up an HTTP request.

In my survey, the x, y values of geo-point are passed to the js function that gets the attribute values of the overlapping polygon. 

For offline use, this is the url that I used in the HTTP action to search the intersect polygon, and get its attributes. (x and y are from the survey, token is from another HTTP action requesting token).


In Parse Json output, I see the results (overlapping polygon's attributes) that I expected, but I eventually got the error message in the HTTP input to push the data to the feature layer but nothing happened.


Parse Json output



HTTP Input. The values I want to get are empty, and show 400 error message.

==> I don't see the error anymore but the attributes are not updated although it says 'success'.




{"error":{"code":400,"message":"Cannot perform operation. Invalid operation parameters.","details":["'features' parameter is invalid","Invalid JSON primitive: ."]}}

 I just added email notification after Parse Json to check if I can get the values directly in the email body, and it seems empty.

Did I miss any steps after Parse Json? Maybe that's why I see nothing in HTTP input?




@IsmaelChivite , @JamesTedrick Is there any limitation in Power Automate to get the feature service query result in Json?  I used the almost the same approach in Integromat and it worked out.

Thank you.


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