Pop-ups of geopoints within a repeat

01-23-2023 05:21 AM
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I created a survey with a repeat for collecting a start and ending point in the same survey.There is only one question within the repeat other the geopoint, asking if it is the start or the end.

In the map on ArcGIS online I am trying to configure the pop ups for these points. When I try to thick-on some of the parent information (outside the repeat) the only think that I get is some sort of statistic (see image). So instead of getting the product name I get a number. This for all the questions.

Screenshot 2023-01-23 110159.png

How can I get the parent info for the points in the repeat? Looking at the map people now is not able to understand what that point belong to.


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If you need parent info in the child repeat the easiest way is to calc it in the form.

See here for more info https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-survey123-questions/it-is-possible-to-use-pulldata-or-indexed-r...

You can also use arcade and the FeatureSet functions to grab it.  I have several posts on this if you search the forum.

What you are seeing is because it is a number field and a 1:M relate.  Also none of these related attributes actually work anyway.  Known bug for years now.

You could also try new map viewer as it now has some related table support.

Hope that helps

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