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03-22-2021 07:33 AM
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I have found over the last 2 months that I am unable to edit the photo caption of some photos, mostly just the first photo taken.  This applies to both completing the survey in the field and editing it after the survey is submitted.  Both instances it allows the caption to be edited but it does not accept the re-name (reverts back to the original caption Survey123 has assigned).   I was hoping this would fix itself but it doesn't appear that way.  Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance, Joe

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Hi @JosephRosnow__-_DG,

Can you confirm, are you taking the photos in the field with the Survey123 field app, or are you only using the web app? If you are using field app what version?

I see the screenshot you displayed is the web app? 

If you are using the field app to take orginal photos, and you then trying to edit in the web app afterwards?

Have you tested recently with latest releases?



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