Passing values from workforce to Survey123

11-25-2019 08:23 AM
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Hey Guys,

I have a survey to which i would like to pass values to from workforce. These values are in custom fiels i have added to the assignment layer that workforce creates when a project is created. So the three fields I have created are Trail_ID, Trail_Name and Provisional_Length. 

So the workflow would be to create an assignment in workforce and then in the dispatchers web map you would edit the assignment point and enter the values in for the three custom fields. I then use this:


to pass the values across to the survey which works when i open the survey app on my laptop. But when i follow the link  on workforce on my iphone it does not populate the relevant fields in the survey123 app?

Is this a limitation or is there a different construction to the custom URL?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Hi Yaz,

We may want to also bring in Workforce for ArcGIS‌ to also comment as a possible issue may be the URL construction.  Just to check, did you create the link through a manual configuration of the URL in the workforce project by editing the project's JSON?

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Yasotharan Tamil Workforce uses a scheme like


to inject the assignment fields into the the url scheme so I think you need to use a scheme like:


There's more examples in this thread: 

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Hey guys,

that didnt seem to do the trick but i am now able to pass the work order id as the trail id and have decided to make the other fields manual entry, it seemed like the best solution.

Thanks for the help.

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Hi Aaron Pulver

Is it possible to pass on Piority , Assignment Type and WorkerID fields to a Survey that is based on an existing traditional ArcGIS Server feature service? I see that it works with a hosted feature service Survey where the matching fields are TEXT type but doesn't seem to work with an ArcGIS Server based feature service. 

Priority, Assignment Type and WorkerID are Integer fields in Workforce Assignments layer. Priority and Assignment Type integer fields have domains.

I created an ArcGIs Server feature service with PRIORITYINT, ASSIGNMENTTYPEINT, WORKERIDINT - integer fields. I even created matching domains with same values as the assignments layer and assigned it to PRIORITYINT and ASSIGNMENTTYPEINT. Created a domain for WORKERIDINT too where the ID value has a description of the Worker username.

Survey is published to Portal 10.6.1 and is based on this ArcGIS Server feature service described above. 

Used ArcGIS Online Assistant to modify the schema URL where I specified to pass the prioritym assignmenttype and workerid field to my feature service fields respectively.

When I launch the survey, the information does not pass through. The fields are not populated. I even tried it with TEXT field types for the existing feature service and that didn't work either. 

Is this a bug? or am I missing something?

Your input would be much appreciated!

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