Passing data from Field Maps to repeat S123

09-16-2021 08:38 AM
by Anonymous User
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I'm passing data from field maps to S123 using a url and custom pop-up.

However, data within a "repeat" is not being populated from the URL.

As a work around, I've put some hidden/null bind::esri:fieldType fields in, but this seems very clunky.

For example, field "Asset_Height" is in the parent data, but also needs passing to the inspection from Field Maps. I've set the URL parameter as &field:Asset_Height={Asset_Height}

However, when clicking the link through to the survey, Asset_Height is not populated

As mentioned, with the added field "Asset_Heighthidden", then a calculate for "Asset_Height" in the Survey, it works.

Am I right in thinking I shouldn't need the extra fields?

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I've had this same issue (using Explorer rather than Field Maps but its the same process). I've had to store the data passed from the map layer in the 'parent' level of the Survey123 form, and then use a calculation to populate it in the repeat from the value passed to the parent level.

by Anonymous User
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That's exactly what I've done. But as I say, it feels clunky and unnecessary.

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