Passing count value and multiple-select names from one Group to another

05-28-2021 10:32 AM
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Is there a way to save the number of counts of two items chosen in a repeat of a select_one question in one group and pass both count values to another group?

I have a repeat to select each native species as a select_one choice (lavendary area in image).

For two of the species I would like to save the integer value (yellow rows in lavendar area), and pass those values to the yellow rows in the next group (the green area).

Eventually, I also would like to save the repeat decimal values below the yellow integer (counts) and pass them to another group similar to the action I am hoping to get help on in this post.


Thanks for any insight!


Julian Heilman



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Hello @JulianHeilman

You can use an if statement with the selected() function in the repeat to check if a specific choice has been selected and return 1 if it was selected or return nothing if it wasn't selected. You can then use the count() function outside of the repeat to count the number of times 1 was returned from the choice calculation. 

I've attached a sample XLSForm that demonstrates the workflow. 

Here is another Esri Community thread that may also be helpful:

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