Overwrite related table value with most recent Survey123 Submission

08-12-2021 02:12 PM
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I am trying to develop a workflow and data structure for an incident inspection that will update a building's status once the survey has been completed. 

I have a feature service with 3 related tables. Building, Incident Report (survey123) and an Asset list.  The Buildings GlobalID is the identifier for the related tables. This is a one to many relationship. 

What I would like to achieve: Once an Incident Report has been submitted, the "status" field from that report is carried over to the "status" field for the Building

So that in the end result, the user can go on their dashboard and identify Buildings by certain status via filter, or visually identify a building status by the symbology. 

Is this possible?


Thank you in advance for any tips or advice. 


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Watching since this is something that comes up a lot.

What Esri shows a lot is - You can easily get the value to show in a popup using the Arcade FeatureSet function. I use this a lot and it is great.  But AGOL does not allow you to symbolize or filter using this field - it is due to speed concerns.  This really limits its usefulness in my opinion.  I mean who wants to click each feature to see a field.

Next up would be using Attribute Rules - once they come to AGOL that is - which should be this year.  Not sure if FeatureSet will be allowed here either though.

Old school way is to run a Script each night.

Some other ideas.  

Use Ops Dashboard and the new Datasets feature which can get you a list, dials ,etc.  May be a cooler option anyway.  I have had some luck with this.

Map the Incident report instead of the Building.  Users will prob want to see the incident info vs the building anyway.  You can always follow the relate to the building or pull any info from the building using Arcade.  So basically flip the problem.

I hope this helps and again I hope to see other ideas too.

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Also watching because I want this feature. I thought that esri confirmed they were adding support for custom icons in the Field App in a future release (or at least looking into the idea)? Maybe I just dreamed that though.

For the short-term, I have two main things I am doing that are similar to what you described and may help spark an idea (?):

The first is I use Power Automate to update SharePoint lists. This gives me an easy to navigate database for delivering reports and tracking incidents. Our Health and Safety program is being automated and converted to S123 and SharePoint, and I have had great success so far.

The second is still in development, but will be feeding data back into a database on our Enterprise site, and then building a custom web app around it with WAB to visually show the status of buildings in specific portfolios. This is separate from our H&S program, but seems like it is in line with your scenario. For our H&S visualization, I opted to go with a Power BI dashboard.

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