Repeats not being hidden in Survey123 report

08-12-2021 11:36 AM
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I am trying to have the folowing repeats hide/appear based on whether or not there is a record present (gm_lifestages_table, nr40_table, and reg_action_table). I cannot get them to reliably behave as expected despite using the attached syntax. Template and xls form are attached. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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In the template, your nr40_table is using the expression ${if (nr40_table | getValue:"count")>=0}. That may be a part of it.

What you are doing is very similar to what I was doing. I am surprised that you can actually parse this document successfully. After the recent update by esri, all my getValue:"count" for repeats were failing parsing. What I did was add Calculate fields inside my XLS to count the repeats, then I referenced those calculate fields inside the DOC.

Representative${if (site_rep_repeat | getValue:”count”)>1}s${/}Representative${if site_rep_repeat_sum>1}s${/}

Otherwise, you set-up looks good.

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