getValue:"count" is no longer a supported field

08-04-2021 09:32 AM
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So, last Thursday there was an outage on Esri's side for creating feature reports. After this issue was fixed, something seems to have changed in their report generation/parsing.

I had a bunch of surveys uploaded and working that utilized getValue:"count". Now, any survey with that will not create a feature report and I cannot upload templates with getValue:"count".

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? I have a case open with Esri support, but no answers yet.


Note: edited my previous post. My mind is in too many places right now, and I type the expression wrong!

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Hi @abureaux ,

Did the getValue:"count" method apply to a select_multiple question in your case?


If yes, this was not a rigorous usage of the method and is caught in the new enhanced syntax checking process. If you want to get the number of selected choices in a select_multiple question, please use countSelected instead. For example ${select_multiple1 | countSelected} . Please check the doc for details.


If this is not your case, can you please share your XLSForm file and the report template file with us to reproduce the issue?




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I did have one select_multiple using it, but that was just one of many questions to fail. I was primarily using it to count repeats. I was able to figure out what was going on with esri support not too long ago.

The suddenness of this change wrecked havoc on a lot of my already published forms which just started failing out of the blue. I ended up adding the Count function for the repeats into my survey as Calculate fields. In my testing though, there was an extra layer of annoyance added in this update... I had to add Calculates (to count the repeats) both inside AND outside the repeat to account for different use cases within the template. For instance, having a single "master" Calculate for a specific repeat, while convenient, would fail parsing if that Calculate was located outside a repeat in the XLS, but used inside a repeat of the template. This wasn't the case previously and just adds an extra level of complexity (and silliness. I just add a second calculate inside my repeat and made it equal to the one outside...)

Once the problem was identified, I was able to get everything working again.

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