Other Text - Relevant Expression for Multiple Questions (relevant fields) & same 'value'

06-24-2021 10:18 AM
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Hello All, (Survey123 3.11.123)

I am looking for the proper coding in the Relevant column of the survey for the following:

I have multiple drop downs (select one list_...) where the surveyor would first select their department, then select their "name from the department list".

Each of the name lists for each department has an "other" option (other is the name and Other? is the label). I I have an Other question with a text fill option. I want this Other question to only pop up if Other? is selected from the drop-down list of the "name from the department list".

Do I have to individually add an Other text question for each "name from the department list"? Or can I in the relevant column have an expression like

selected(${department1, department2, department3, etc}, 'other').

If so, the way I have it written doesn't work. do I need "or statements" or use semicolons? 

Any guidance would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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It would be selected(${department1}, 'other') or selected(${department2}, 'other') or selected(${department3}, 'other')

You have to tell it what to do inbetween each or.  Standard in programming.

Hope that helps

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To add on top of @DougBrowning 's response. See attached XLSForm. It shows two ways to do it.