Operation rolled back error survey123

07-22-2020 10:23 AM
New Contributor III

Have 20 fieldworkers submitting surveys on mobile devices using inbox to edit existing features on a feature service. Many surveys submitted successfully but two surveyors receiving following error when attempting to send from outbox
 - send error: operation rolled back

there is no error code, see attached screenshot. I’ve read other discussion topics relating to this but have had no success fixing it.

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Patrick,

As you are using the Inbox features, the issue might be related to the data sync with feature service and also the network performance. Your feature service seems to be working fine as you mentinoed only two field workers are having this issue. The the sent survey failed, does the survey saved in Outbox? Ot the survey was gone after receiving the error?

When the field workers encounter this issue, I would suggest to check if the network is ok on the device to allow data transfering. And also check to see if survey will automatically save in Outbox(I assume yes) to allow sending them at later time when the network is resumed.


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