Open blank record instead of showing plus sign when relevant condition is met

02-27-2023 03:04 PM
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Working on my first major form in Connect...Again, Thanks to the helpful people on this board, I have learned so much!

Hopefully you understand my question from the subject line.  I would like a blank form to open with the repeat when the relevant condition is met.  Now I just get the plus sign and I got a request from a user (the boss user 😉 to just have a blank "form" open.  

I have found answers on what I think are similar questions in the forum:

But so far, I am not getting any of them to work in my form.  I'm sure I am missing something simple. I am attaching my form if anyone has a suggestion.

Please feel free to comment on any glaring errors or flouting of best practices you may see.  As I said, my first real form, plus some constraints from adapting an existing survey structure.

Thank You!

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