Open a specific record from Quickcapture

10-13-2021 05:18 AM
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Is it possible to open a specific survey123 for editing from quickcapture? The easy way to add a survey123 url button in quickcapture doesn't have this option and I haven't had any success with a custom URL. It seems we need to know the record globalID in advance for the custom url method to work?

The "action=edit" parameter is available but I don't see how to use this.

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Hello @MarkC1,

Unfortunately we have a defect at the moment that is preventing records from being opened using the custom URL. What currently happens is the inbox will filter to the record but the user will need to select the record, unfortunately it won't open automatically like expected. 

What you can do is set the following as your custom URL scheme: 

arcgis-survey123://?action=edit&folder=inbox&itemID=<Survey Item ID>&q:<field>=<value>&update=true

This should filter the inbox down to the record(s) that match the query parameter but the user will need to select the record from the inbox. 

Please see the integrate with other apps documentation for more information on what URL parameters are available. 

Thank you,
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Hi @ZacharySutherby 

Thanks for the clarifications, that's the behaviour I'm seeing

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