Non-Relevant Questions Zeroing Out Existing Data

11-16-2021 07:48 AM
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Is anyone aware of issues when opening a web form in editing mode of existing data, if a question is not relevant it still pushes back a null value?

I have had several forms where this has been an issue. For instance, we have an a layer of features that assessments are conducted on. The form opens up to edit these features and fill out the assessment information. Normally one would enter a date and submit. However if a 'Reassessment' box is checked, that date is hidden and a reassessment date appears instead. I would expect when submitting on a reassessment it would just ignore this first date however the form appears to be submitting 'Null' and then zeroing out the existing data.



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Nope if a field is not relevant it gets empty string period.  That is just how 123 manages relevant.

I think you want the newer hidden type using the body::esri:visible column.  This way just hides the values vs setting them to null.

For me a reassessment should always be a new form. Otherwise spatial, editor tracking all of that is lost.

Hope that helps.

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I'll try the visible column, thanks. The forms are more complex than I've let on but there are reasons it's set up the way it is.

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The visible column worked for myself, and also agree with Doug Browning re a reassessment being a new form. Good luck.