Nested repeats

02-20-2020 02:00 PM
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Hi Everyone,

I am new to Survey123, and am trying to set up 3 related forms (i.e. Form A,B & C), each with a one to many relationship. At form A, I just need to be able to collect the date, then I need to be able to add multiple entries of Form B. From form B I then need to be able to place a point and collect additional information (From C). This seems easy feasible to set up when there are 2 related forms, but I am struggling with the workflow to make this happen with the 3 levels, as nested repeats are not supported in the web app. I have tried following a version of the workflow used here: but with no success. Is anyone able to provide any insight on this?

Than you in advance!


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Can you use Connect instead?  Then no problem.

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