Nested repeats will not check for required fields

06-29-2020 07:50 AM
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I have a nested repeat like this

The nested repeat is shown as 1 of 2 above.  It has a required a little farther up that i cannot fit in the image. But looks like

The issue is if I advance the outside repeat (bottom one at 4 of 32) the required field on number 2 of the upper repeat never fires.  I can go through all repeats and even submit and it never triggers.

It also does not trigger the required for any of the bottom repeats I never open.  So 5-32 of the outside never fire any required at all for the upper repeat (1 or 2).

I do not remember this being an issue in the past.

Any ideas?


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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi Doug,

Can you share your xlsx file for this survey so we can take a closer look? As you know there were many changes to improve repeats and nested repeats handling, as well as relevant, required, read only. It could be possible there is an issue with required and nested repeats when using additional configuration in your survey xlsx form, as I see you are also using grid theme and other relevant and apperances.



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Thanks Phil.  I was able to reorg the form with some more relevants in a way that I am ok now.

Thanks a lot.