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06-24-2020 05:17 AM
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We have a bunch of non-persistent VMs that contain simple images (ms office, etc.) and we want to add Survey123 mobile app to the image with our Portal already set-up. Has anyone been able to install the Windows version of the Mobile App in a VM image? Is this possible?



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Hi Gary,

There are two parts to installing Survey123 on Windows. The first part is the installation location, this can be changed to another folder provided it is accessible by the signed in user. By default for the field app it is located here: C:\Users\{username}\Applications\ArcGIS\ArcGISSurvey123\

Survey123 also uses the home directory of the current user to install the ArcGIS folder, which contains ll of the downloaded surveys, media, settings files and other required files for the Survey123 Connect and field app to work correctly. This folder can not be customized and must be located in: C:\Users\{username}\ArcGIS\. 

If you are able to create an image that can replicate these folders in the correct locations for the users who will be signing into the VM, then it will work, however the username would need to be known to be able to set up the ArcGIS folder in the correct location.

Alternatively, you could run a script after first sign in (via group policy for example) to put a copy of the default ArcGIS folder in the correct location for that user, or even install the application silently using command line which is also supported.



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