Need Help with Pulldata Custom JavaScript

03-15-2022 10:13 AM
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I have already posted a question on HeatherBells post  I am new to using this community, her question was solved, so I wasn't sure if I should have posted my question there.  I am sorry for the duplicate questions.

I am trying to do something similar but I am having trouble and I can't pinpoint the problem.  I have tried adapting the script that was from the solution to Heather's question.  I have listed the objective and the problem that I having along with attached screenshots of the script, the xls setup, and the example form.

Objective:  Automate the pull of additional attributes based on the project ID pulled.

The user chooses a project using search appearance and list_one.  Once the project is chosen, I would like to have the project title and the project amount auto-populate based on the user selection of the project id.  The script will run with no errors but doesn't return the project title or the project amount.  

I would appreciate any help or if someone can point me in the direction that would be great too. 

Thanks again,


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