Multiple Geometry Types (Point & Line) in a Single Survey123 survey

08-26-2020 09:31 PM
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Think I already know the answer for this, but just in case.

I have an existing point and a line feature hosted service.  I plan to create a survey to edit just the attributes of these services.  

1.  A single survey can only have one geometry type i.e. point or line?  Not both.  

2.  Is it is possible to have the line feature hosted service as a reference layer on the basemap?

I suspect the answer is yes for question 1 and no for question 2.  

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Hello Nick Shannon‌, 

If there is no relationship between the point and line layer ArcGIS Survey123 will only be able to use one of the tables. The reason for this is because the form_id in the XLSForm settings can only point to one target layer. If the point and line layer are independent layers within a service or separate services the survey can only point to one.

If there is a relationship between the point and line layer you can use whichever geometry is the child table for the relationship in a repeat.  

For your second question you can have a line hosted feature service for reference on the basemap. Please use this link for reference regarding using an online map in your survey. You can configure a webmap with whichever basemap you like, add your line layer to the map, save it, and link that web map to your ArcGIS Survey123 Survey for use. If you would like that webmap as the default basemap on the survey you can set 'map=<Web Map Item ID>' under the body::esri:style column in the XLSForm. 

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Thanks for the reply.

I'm only using Survey123 to edit attributes of existing features, not to create new features. 

I've used repeats before, but for related tables rather than a related layer.  

I created relationship between my lines & points layers. However, the XLSForm only shows attributes for the points layer, and the lines don't show on the map in Survey123. 

Re: the second question. 

This works! Thank you. 

The basemap needs to go offline, so I can make a .tpk with the layers I need. 

AGOL Lines and Points relationship class

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