Multiple External Selects in One Survey

08-08-2018 03:58 PM
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Hi there, 

I'm wondering if it's at all possible to have multiple external select lists in one survey built in Connect. For instance I'm building a survey that has two select one questions with many options. The first would be to choose a school district and then have the external select only pull those schools in that district (instead of a list of all the schools), and secondly I want users to choose a Language Family and then select the specific languages that are within that family. 

Normally for external selects there is a new tab in the Excel workbook called "External Choices", but if I need more then one set of external choices, where should those go? If I put them all on the same tab they don't seem to work as they're only reading the column header for one. 

Any ideas on how to accomplish this or whether or not this is even possible? Thanks!


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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Grace,

You can have multiple lists in the external select worksheet - just add the second list below the first.

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