Multi Factor Authentication - Email Generated Report in Integromat

09-02-2020 08:45 AM
New Contributor

I have integromat set up to generate a report and email the report using office 365.  My organization will be using MFA with office 365.  Is there a solution to use integromat and an office 365 account with MFA?  Would MS Power Automate have the ability to generate reports and email them with a MFA account?

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Hi Michael,

Thank you for sharing your question. I am not so sure about this question, but here is a support document that I found relates to MFA and Flow: 

From my understanding of this article, the main concern of using any webhook service with MFA is that the connection may expire frequently. This article mentioned "remember multi-factor authentication" and "token lifetime policy", therefore, proper token and settings may be needed.



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