Modify Survey123 Form Item ID?

06-03-2021 04:09 PM
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Is there a way to customize or modify the Survey123 Item ID in Portal? 

For example, changing

Is it possible to change that item ID? Since Portal seems to randomly generate an ID every time you publish a Survey123 form, it would be nice to be able to customize it, especially when going from a development Portal to production. When testing in a development environment, it will generate an item ID and we can test everything using that item ID. Then, when we move to production, it would be nice to be able to maintain that item ID so we don't have to change it in other S123 forms, maps, etc. from the development S123 item ID to the production S123 item ID.

Is there anyway to change it? Or, are there any other workflows that could we could use to easily migrate S123 forms from a development to production environment?

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Hi @RyanUthoff,

There's no easy way to change item IDs.

I'm attaching here a simple script (based on ArcGIS Python API) for cloning surveys - it should also clone all the related items and create the relationships on the target portal.

Just fill the form Item ID,  source and target portal details (url, username and password) and run.

Hope that helps, 


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