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10-19-2020 04:11 AM
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We have successfully setup a flow against a particular survey which has been running smoothly. I've gone to to replicate the same process (when a survey is submitted, add a row to a an existing table) and we're getting the following problems:

Dynamic content is not available. So I manually typed using expression:


this worked on a previous flow without issues. 

When I save the flow the following error appears:

The response from API 'survey123' operation 'GetWebhookPayloadSchema' with status code '200' does not contain a valid OpenAPI schema object.

Screen image example:

It is worth adding this survey contains a repeat. The feature layer contains two layers, survey points and (repeating) assets, and a photos table. 

Any ideas? 



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Try refreshing the account credentials under your Data Connections for Survey123 in Power Automate. I have to do this periodically because I think the token times out. To refresh the credentials, use "Switch Account" for the Survey123 data connection and re-login using your credentials, even if it's the same that you used before.

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Hi Ted, thank you for the follow up. I have refreshed my connection and even tried a different / new one. Unfortunately, still the same. It appears to be with this particular survey; when I drop down and select any of the other surveys, I do not have this issue. This survey has a repeat within it and a few months back we could see it in Flow (I should add a different AGOL environment). So it has been visible. Now the survey has gone live we've encountered this issue. 

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I was having this same issue and was able to isolate my issue to a missing repeat label. I was doing this to avoid double labels for repeats within groups and to make it so that it was not collapsible. It seems the group can have no label to avoid it appearing in the survey but the repeat cannot.

Hope this helps.



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Christina, did you ever find a resolution to this issue?  I am encountering the same thing on a survey and can't figure out how to make this work.  Thanks in advance.