Menu bar pushed off screen when filling out some fields.

12-21-2020 08:14 AM
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Hi everyone,

My field personnel are noticing that when they are in some fields the menu bar across the top gets shoved offscreen.  To access it again, they have to close the keyboard.  It seems inconsistent as to which fields do this.  

They are using iphone 7 plus on iOS 14.2

The survey is long and has some nested repeat sections in it.

Does anyone know what causes this behavior and if there is a best practice in form design, or some other tweak that will prevent it from happening?

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi @TrevisMartin, could you please provide some screenshots (or if possible a screen recording) of the behaviour? Which version of the Survey123 field app are your personnel using? By menu bar, do you mean the iPhone's status bar, or the header of the survey form itself?

Note that it's usual behaviour on iOS for the survey form to shift upwards to make room for the keyboard, if the keyboard would otherwise obscure the question (for example, if the question you're answering is towards the bottom of the screen). For questions near the top of the screen, the keyboard can safely 'float' over the lower part of the form without obscuring the question you're answering.



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