Map question in Survey 123 also retain/record actual address entered/found?

08-06-2020 06:29 AM
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We have a Citizen Hurricane Damage Report survey that allows citizens to search/find their address on the map and it adds a point.  Super helpful since it does the heavy lifting for geocoding and ensures we get a complete address from the user. However, when reviewing the actual report data I don't see the actual address listed anywhere just the lat/long coordinates.  Is there a way to have a map question and retain the actual address entered/found?  The tax department needs both the mapped point and the actual address entered.

Here is the survey: 

It was created using the web designer.


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Hi Angela,

This looks to the same as the question you asked at  - is that correct?

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It is!  I wasn't sure that other thread was active anymore so posted an individual question.  Thanks for responding!

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