Can one change the size of the pins in the outbox of Survey123?

08-18-2020 06:09 AM
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Hi Everyone,

Would anyone happen to know if it is possible to change the size of the outbox pins of previously recorded location data to make them smaller?  They are very large and do not scale well in the outbox view of Survey123 and I would like them to be smaller and scale when zoomed in.  Thanks!

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Hello Kaitlyn Abrahamson‌, 

The map in the Outbox should automatically cluster points at smaller scales then break apart and scale to the map scale at larger scales. 

Is there a specific device the behavior is observed on? Specifically with a smaller screen resolution? If so what is the specific device the behavior is observed on? 

I know you said you see the behavior in the outbox do you see the same behavior in the Sent, Inbox, or Draft folders? 

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