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02-14-2023 05:49 AM
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Hello, here in the company there is this form where a technician answers a in the field and right away the engineer, in the office, needs to conclude it. For that we can use the inbox feature, but the problem is that everyone in the company will have access to the forms, and that is a fragility once anyone could mess with data etc.

Here's my idea, but I don't know how to implement it:

Find a way to make a question mandatory even when editing, so I could put a hidden "deviceid" (so I'd make it auditable. If anyone mess, I'll know from which device the messing came from) and/or the parameter "location-priority=high-accuracy location-min-interval=180 location-max-age=300".

My problem is: how do I make a question mandatory even when editing an answered form from the inbox??

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How about this option -

Instead of forcing this inside Survey123, would you be willing to make a webapp with editable fields for your engineer in the office? We do this for QC work.

Is there a specific trigger when the engineer needs to review immediately? You could have a webhook that tells the engineer there is a survey waiting anytime this option is triggered. 


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