Making Pages Conditional - Survey Jumps Back to Top

02-27-2023 05:29 AM
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We have a multiple page form, where the user can choose to continue the form or submit just the cover page.  This is achieved by setting either the 'relevant' or 'body::esri::visible' parameters to ${continuewithform}="yes" for all subsequent pages.

However, whenever the number of pages in the form changes (i.e. if the user changes the ${continuewithform} selection), the survey will snap back to the very top of the page, forcing the user to scroll back down.  I've attached a simplified example.  The behavior appears in Survey123Connect and on our mobile devices.

Is there any way to change this so the form doesn't jump up to the top? Or is this just hard coded form behavior?

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Hi Brennan, did you ever get an answer to this? I am having this issue also. Thanks, Debby

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No, I don't think there's a way around this behavior.  We moved our "Continue?" question to be the final question on the page, so the user can just ignore the jump and advance or submit without scrolling. Also, you can click the header/footer bar of a page to jump to the top or bottom without scrolling.  But the view will still snap to the top if the number of pages changes.